Eastbourne Triathlon welcome elite triathletes to the Eastbourne Triathlon. We have had two very competitive and fun pro races in our open event and our age groupers love the opportunity to get up close to some of the fastest in the sport and test themselves.

If you are an elite or professional triathlete (or aspiring) please see the information here to enter this category.

Confirmed to be racing in 2018!

Karl Alexander (GB) – full profile coming soon

Jamie Bedwell (GB) – full profile coming soon

Luke Howard (GB) – full profile coming soon

Tom Davies (GB) 

Kieran Linders (GB) 

Daz Parker (GB) 

Chloe Pollard (GB) 

Yvette Grice (GB)

Who has raced here before?

We’ve been honoured to welcome previously:

Ben Allen, Jacqui Allen, Lawrence Fanous, Yvette Grice, Sam Wade, Richard Stannard, Matt Dewis, Jamie Bedwell, Victoria Coe, Euan Adams, Hannah Kitchen, Luke Howard, Harrison Rolls-King.