Race week nutrition and recovery tips from 32Gi

The week before a race you are in a taper or mini taper period meaning reduced training volume and maximized rest and recovery depending on your bigger goals. Many athletes use shorter distance races during volume training for the longer distance races.

Many athletes put focus on increasing carbohydrate intake in this week in order to maximize their glycogen levels (natural carbohydrate stores in the body) however this isn’t something we completely agree with. It all depends on if it’s a genuine taper week or if you are still doing volume training through the week leading to the event. In the case of a proper taper volume training is reduced and by eating properly you will naturally top up your glycogen stores before the event. In the event of racing during volume training the focus should be ensuring proper recovery meals post exercise to make sure the body recover from the sessions and glycogen stores are topped up and the energy system stabilized. Ensure that you are focussing on more sleep in this week to ensure recovery is maximized.

Eating excessive carbs will only lead to weight gain, sugar dependency and digestive discomfort. Eat what the body will use no need to take in excess.

What to avoid the week leading up to your triathlon?

Processed foods such as instant microwave or quick meals such as take outs Deep fried foods completely Sugar and sugar laden foods, meaning sweets, chocolates, instant cereals, tinned fruits, honey very product states the amount of sugars contained in it on the label. Heavy milk products and bad fats such as yellow cheeses and your more problematic saturated fats like margarine’s etc. Excessively high fibre food which can cause bowel discomfort Excessive stimulants like numerous cups of coffee and tea limit to one a day if possible

One of the most important factors in leading up to the event is to focus on proper hydration. Ensure you take in at least 30-40ml’s per a kg of bodyweight daily. If you consume a cup of coffee or herbal teas which can have a diuretic effect on some people then up your water intake slightly. You want to arrive at your event properly hydrated, so ensure you drink consistently through the day.

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